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Healing the Child Within (mp3 series)


Healing the Child Within (mp3 series)

Shame. Guilt. Anger. Past wounds run deep and can affect our relationships with God, others and ourselves. In this series, Dr. Mark Rutland, shares powerful insights on the child within all of us. Receive fresh revelation of God’s infinite, everlasting love and grace. Find true healing from the hurts of the past. Find personal freedom for life today.

Lesson Contents

Disc 1 - Christ and the Child Within (035)
Disc 2 - The Voice From the Past (039)
Disc 3 - Forgiveness and Healing (040)
Disc 4 - The Spirit of Acceptance and Adoption (041)
Disc 5 - Dealing with the Weights (042)
Disc 6 - The Search for Inner Meaning (043)
Disc 7 - Step on a Crack (044)
Disc 8 - Child of Promise (045)

About Dr. Mark Rutland

Mark Rutland, PhD, is a New York Times best-selling author. He is the executive director of the National Institute of Christian Leadership and founder of Global Servants, having served previously as the pastor of a megachurch and president of two universities. Rutland and his wife, Alison, have been married and in ministry together for more than fifty years. They have three children and nine grandchildren. Through Global Servants, the Rutland’s established House of Grace in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and Kumasi, Ghana, to protect tribal girls from sex trafficking. Since 1986 House of Grace has been “saving little girls for big destinies.” Its work in West Africa, largely in remote villages, has built churches and village hygiene services in five countries.