Dr. Mark Rutland’s new book will help you be a better leader. It will help you receive a healthy dose of accountability through applied spiritual authority.



The National Institute of Christian Leadership

The History of the NICL

The idea for the National Institute of Christian Leadership took root in my mind while serving as a university president nearly 20 years ago. I experimented with the concept in various iterations at two different institutions and became convinced that I could serve leaders, pastors and business people in a meaningful and significant way. Over that period of time what became the NICL took a better, clearer shape, and the material matured in sophistication in a far greater way than I even dreamed.

Dr. Mark Rutland

Your Professional Development as a Christian Leader is a Requirement for Growth!

I get the same types of questions from leaders all around the world. How do I grow my church with sustained results? How do I find and hire the right people for my team? How do I create a budget that works for my church? When is the right time to finance a building project? How do I raise funds successfully? How can we get more synergy between our preaching and worship? The NICL is where you’ll learn everything I wish someone would have taught me about business and ministry over the last 50 years. It’s my privilege to share this knowledge with you in a very practical way. You’ll be able to implement these lessons and see immediate results in your church or ministry.