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Dr. Mark Rutland travels from Atlanta, GA and requires airfare, hotel, ground transportation and meals. We are not able to provide fee information on the website. Call us at (678) 541-5670!

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Speech Topics

Communication In Marriage

Humor As Rutland loves to say, men and women are DIFFERENT. They may use the same words but they don’t speak the same language. This is side-splitting humor that is informative and healing at the same time. If a merry heart does good like medicine, here is the medicine you will love taking.

Turnaround Leadership

Dr. Rutland, out of his wide professional experience of turning three organizations away from the brink of disaster, gives clear, concise leadership principles for altering course. With his patented mix of humor and clear communication, these practical insights will enlighten and entertain.

Keeping Your Dream

Based on his highly popular book, Rutland will show you how to receive, express, hold on to, and wait on your dream. Audiences on every inhabited continent have been delighted and inspired by this positive and hopeful encouragement.


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